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  • A Study on the Bonding Strength Analysis according to the Surface Treatment Characteristics of Aluminum Bar-Cowl Cross Member of Composite Material Injection Insert
  • Dong il Son*, Sangwoo So**, Hyuntae Hwang**, Dong hyuk Choi*, Wan gyu Choi*, Sun kyung Kim*, Dae il Kim***

  • * R&D Center, Dongkook Ind. Co., Ulsan
    ** Automotive Parts Institute & Center, Ulsan Technopark
    *** School of Material Science & Engineering, University of Ulsan

  • 복합소재 사출인서트 알루미늄 바 카울크로스멤버 표면처리 특성에 따른 접합강도 분석 연구
  • 손동일* · 소상우** · 황현태** · 최동혁* · 최완규* · 김선경* · 김대일***

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