Original Article
  • A Study of Carbon NCF Prepreg Manufacturing and Stacking Pattern Optimal Design Using Structure Analysis
  • S. Kim*,**, H. C. Shin**, Sung Kyu Ha***

  • Hanyang University of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul 04763, Korea

    ** Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Research Institute

    ***† Hanyang University of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul 04763, Korea

  • CFRP 적용을 위한 Carbon NCF Prepreg 제작 및 구조해석을 활용한 적층패턴 최적설계 연구
  • 김 신*,** · 신헌충** · 하성규***

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  • Sung Kyu Ha
  • ***† Hanyang University of Mechanical Engineering, Seoul 04763, Korea

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