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  • Comparative Evaluation of Manufacturing Properties of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Polymer (CFRTP) according to Nanofiller Type
  • Jun Ha Park*, Soon Ho Yoon*, Minkook Kim*†

  • * Institute of Advanced Composite Materials, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

  • 나노필러 종류에 따른 열가소성 탄소 섬유강화 복합재료의 제작 물성 비교 평가
  • 박준하*· 윤순호*· 김민국*†

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This study compared and evaluated the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer (CFRTP) mixed with nanofillers. After mixing various nanofillers such as Multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT), Silicon oxide, Core shell rubber, and Aramid nanofiber with Polyamide 6 (PA6) resin, this is used as a matrix to create a carbon fiber reinforced composite material (CFRP) was manufactured and its physical properties were measured. Depending on the type and mixing ratio of nanofiller, tensile strength, inter-laminar shear strength (ILSS), and Izod impact strength were measured. In terms of tensile strength and impact strength, the highest values were obtained when mixing core shell rubber, however the ILSS was optimal when mixing less than 1 wt.% of silicon oxide.

본 연구는 나노필러가 혼합된 열가소성 탄소섬유강화 복합재료(Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer, CFRTP)의 물성을 비교 평가하였다. Polyamide 6 (PA6) 수지에 Multi-wall carbon nano tube (MWCNT), Silicon oxide, Core shell rubber, Aramid nano fiber 등의 다양한 나노필러를 혼합한 후, 이를 기지재(Matrix)로 탄소섬유강화복합재료(CFRP)를 제조하여 그 물성을 측정하였다. 나노필러의 종류와 혼합비율에 따라, 인장강도, 층간계면결합력 (Inter-laminar shear strength), Izod 충격 강도 등이 측정되었다. 인장 강도와 충격 강도의 경우 Core shell rubber를 혼합한 경우 가장 높은 물성을 가졌으나, 계면결합력은 silicon oxide를 1 wt.% 이하 혼합하였을 때 최적값을 가졌다.

Keywords: 열가소성 수지(Thermoplastic polymer), 나노필러(Nanofiller), 기계적 물성(Mechanical property), 열가소성 탄소섬유강화 복합재료(CFRTP)

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