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  • Natural Frequency Characteristics of Laminated Composite Structures Reinforced by a Wavy CNT
  • Chunt Chultemsuren*, Hyung Bae Choi*, Sang-Youl Lee*†

  • * Department of Civil Engineering, Andong National University

  • 굴곡된 탄소나노튜브로 보강된 적층 복합재 판구조의 고유진동 특성
  • 출템수렌천트* · 최형배* · 이상열*†

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This paper dealt with multi-scale natural frequency characteristics of wavy CNT (carbon nanotube) reinforced composites by applying the Mori-Tanaka method, rule of mixture, and Halpin-Tsai equation. By compelling benefit of an ad-hoc Eshelby tensor, the load-transfer characteristics of CNT with a waviness implanted in the polymer matrix was determined. The numerical results obtained are in good agreement with those reported by other investigators. Furthermore, the new results reported in this paper show the interactions between CNT weight, waviness ratios and layup sequences of laminated composites. Key observation points are discussed and significant considerations are given in practical designing of CNT reinforced composites

본 논문은 Mori-Tanaka법, 혼합법칙 및 Halpin-Tsai 이론식을 적용하여 굴곡진 탄소나노튜브(CNT)로 보강된 복합재의 멀티스케일 고유진동 특성을 규명하였다. Eshelby 텐서를 이용하여 곡률을 갖는 CNT가 함유된 폴리머의 하중 전달 특성값이론을 유도하였다. 도출된 수치해석 결과는 기존의 연구결과와 잘 일치하였다. 본 연구에서 제시한 새로운 결과는 적층 복합재의 CNT 함유량, 굴곡성 및 적층배열의 상호작용 특성을 규명하였다. 주요 결과에 대하여 분석하였으며, CNT 보강 복합재의 실용적 설계를 위한 중요 고려사항을 제시하였다

Keywords: 굴곡진 CNT(Wavy CNT), 멀티스케일(Multi-scale), 적층복합재(Laminated Composites), 고유진동(Natural frequency)

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