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  • Test and Analysis of Triaxially Braided Composite Circular Arch under Three-Point Bending
  • Biruk F. Nega*, Kyeongsik Woo**, Hansol Lee***

  • * Dept. of Civil Systems Engineering, Chungbuk National University
    **† School of Civil Engineering, Chungbuk National University


In this paper, the buckling behavior of triaxially braided circular arch with monosymmetric open section subjected to three-point bending was studied experimentally and numerically. First, test specimens were manufactured using vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM). Then the specimen was tested under three-point bending to determine the ultimate buckling strength. Before performing the numerical analysis, effective material properties of the braided composite were obtained through micro-meso scale analysis virtual testing validated with available test results. Then linear buckling analysis and geometrically non-linear post buckling analysis, established to simulate the test setup, were performed to study the buckling behavior of the composite frame. Analysis results were compared with experimentally obtained ones for verification. The effect of manufacturing defects of tow misalignment, irregular surface and resin rich region, and uncertainties during test setup were studied using numerical models. From the numerical analyses performed it was observed that both manufacturing defect and uncertainties had effect on the buckling behavior and strength.

Keywords: Triaxial braid, Composite arch frame, Buckling, Manufacturing defect 

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